Current Performance/Auditions


Auditions for our March production, Suddenly Last Summer, by Tennessee Williams

Need Young Woman, 20’s
Need Other Women, 40-65
Need Men 18-30

If interested, please call PAW at 845-679-7900 ASAP

Auditions for our June production, The Moors, by Jen Silverman, Directed by Sande Shurin will be held on Saturday Jan 4th from 1-4 pm. Callbacks are on Thursday Jan 9th 4-7:30 pm.

Please e-mail Sande Shurin at Studio@Sande for an approximate time slot. Director requests only experienced Actors, that move well for this production.

An edgy world set in The Moors in England; filled with danger, wit, woman taking their lives in hand and the battle of destructive forces vs Transformation.

The Moors, Cast of Characters

Agatha-elder spinster sister, steely charm, dangerous, powerful, controls the home.

Hudly-younger sister Keeps a diary, Desire to be famous propel her.

Governess-A romantic with undiscovered strength at her core.

Mastiff Dog– a sad Philosopher

(tall)Moor Hen-A small chicken-very pragmatic.

The roles of Agatha and the Governess require intimacy with each other, the Governess will have to sing; The Governess from lullaby to Rock.

At the Mescal Hornbeck Community Center
56 Rock City Road
Woodstock New York 12498