Mountain Valley Playwrights Lab

Mountain Valley Playwrights Lab

The MVPL will be meeting one Friday a month in the basement lounge of the Fair Street Reformed Church in Kingston.

Playwrights, actors, theatre buffs and directors are welcome. Each lab will feature 2-3 short dramatic works in progress. The purpose is to provide writers with constructive, supportive feedback on character development, pacing, arc, conflict, payoff and dialogue. In addition, attendees can make corrections and explore future collaborations.

No fee is charged, however, a hat will be passed for donations to defray expenses.

Parking available on site.
Light refreshments.
Actors will be on book.
No rehearsals.

To perform, submit a script, or be added to the mailing list, please contact Karen Rich at


Auditions for our March production, Suddenly Last Summer, by Tennessee Williams, will be held— Monday and Tuesday, 12/16 & 12/17 from 6- 9 pm at the Mescal Hornbeck Community Center. Ellen Honig will direct.

SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER, Cast of Characters

Mrs. Venable–  50-70 years. A Mother. Wealthy, elderly, sick, charming, mourning, angry, vicious, vindictive, seeking vengeance for her son’s death.

Dr. Cukrowitcz– 25-35 years. Young, ambitious, needy, a little greedy.

Miss Foxhill– Age is not a concern. Caregiver for Mrs. Venable. A nurse. Sensitive to Mrs. Venable’s needs, fearful, timid.

Mrs. Holly– 45-60 yrs. She is timid, shallow, greedy, emotional, (“fatuous” Tennessee Williams description)

George Holly– 18-24 yrs.-  Ambitious, greedy, shallow, selfish, young.

Catherine Holly– 20-25 yrs.-. Mrs. Venable’s niece and the target of Mrs. Venable’s vindictive rage. Smart, vulnerable, defiant, honest.

Sister Felicity– from St. Mary’s Hospital. Catherine Holly is in her charge. She is
Caring, efficient, patient, understanding.

Auditions for our June production, The Moors, by Jen Silverman, Directed by Sande Shurin will be held on Saturday Jan 4th from 1-5. Callbacks are on Thursday Jan 9th 4-7:30.

Please e-mail Sande Shurin at Studio@Sande for an approximate time slot. Director requests only experienced Actors, that move well for this production.

An edgy world set in The Moors in England; filled with danger, wit, woman taking their lives in hand and the battle of destructive forces vs Transformation.

The Moors, Cast of Characters

Agatha-elder spinster sister, steely charm, dangerous, powerful, controls the home.

Hudly-younger sister Keeps a diary, Desire to be famous propel her.

Governess-A romantic with undiscovered strength at her core.

Mastiff Dog– a sad Philosopher

(tall)Moor Hen-A small chicken-very pragmatic.

The roles of Agatha and the Governess require intimacy with each other, the Governess will have to sing; The Governess from lullaby to Rock.

At the Mescal Hornbeck Community Center
56 Rock City Road
Woodstock New York 12498